Our driver development program is quickly becoming THE BEST avenue for aspiring racers, established Saturday night racers, and veteran touring series racers to get their start at a career in professional motorsports. We can provide the experience, the knowledge, and the leadership to take you to the next Level!

Here is a breakdown of how our program works. We have potential drivers send us a short description of their experience. Once we have that we can schedule them for a test/evaluation in one of our NASCAR legal Camping World Trucks. At the test/evaluation session we look for certain things while they are on the track. We look at consistency in lap times, running the proper line, braking zones, throttle pick up points, etc.  We use advanced onboard video/data equipment as well as industry veterans to evaluate drivers. We will offer coaching and advice between rounds. Outside of the truck we look for things like driver attitude, how a driver conducts himself, and overall marketability. We also do verbal and written driver feedback. Here are some answers to most common questions.

What is the cost?
The fee for the test/evaluation session is $1200.00. You will need to send a $300 deposit to reserve your spot. The remainder is due on or before Friday prior to the test session. Contact us for details.  The $1200 fee will include a 60-90 minute marketing tips & tools
How much experience do I need?

We can help drivers of any experience level. Even if you are only an aspiring racer we can help!

Where are the tests conducted at?

We use various tracks which are within  2 hours of Charlotte NC.

How long is the test?

We will test up to 4 drivers per day. If we have 4 we will be at the track most of the day. Each driver will receive 2-20 lap sessions.

What happens next if I do well?

This is a complicated question. It is hard to say without having done the test/evaluation but if a driver does well enough we will bring them into our program and help put together a “game plan” to get them into a NASCAR truck race. It is our philosophy to get a driver into the trucks as quickly as possible.
Will Level 1 help me with marketing?
Yes. We will provide marketing materials and advice to any driver who wants it. The drivers who perform the best will be invited to work with our in house marketing team.
Can I bring guests?
Absolutely! We want this to be a very positive experience for everyone. We do however ask that they stay in designated areas for their safety and so that we can concentrate on helping the drivers do their best.

What do I need to bring?

Each driver will need: -helmet -drivers suit - gloves (if preferred by driver) - ear buds that work with a race radio -Hans **the following items can be rented from L1M: Suit $50 Hans $50 Ear buds $20  **
Please Note, t
he ones that come with the RACEceiver WILL NOT work with our racing radios.

How do I get started?

Simply email us a brief description of your experience along with your number and we will contact you.