Mark Davis, 22, Level 1 Motorsports Driver since 2013. I have been racing since I was 8, I have always had a passion for the sport and just the adrenaline rush you get. I used to race with my grandpa for Flesher Racing at speedways in Florida and we would both fight for the win, luckily I won more times than him. He helped and pushed me to get the start I needed for my racing career and will never forget that. I have won two championships in pro 4’s down in South Florida, and have won several races on Saturday nights at the track. Recently I started on the pole and lead laps at Caraway Speedway with L1M. I have accomplished and gained so much for being a “Young Driver”. I’ve lead many laps and also lost laps, what you don’t end up winning you gain and learn from your mistakes and fix it to make it better for next time. I love racing it’s all about the struggle, the effort you have to give and the optimism and just never, ever, ever giving up no matter what happens or what you are told. I’ve worked very hard and taken many risks to be where I’m at today. If you truly want something you are going to have to work your butt off to make it happen and make your dreams come true. I’m very grateful to be a part of Level 1 Motorsports.  I was given the opportunity back in 2013 to test for Level1Motorpsorts at Dillon Speedway. And have been with Level1Motorsports as a development driver ever since.

I have come a long way and excelled my wisdom in racing so much. James truly is a great man to work with and also has been a great influence in my racing career, he has done a lot for me and am very thankful. James and Jim created it to give the little guys and rookies a chance to shine and show their skills. I’m grateful that I was one of the ones who was given the chance in 2013 for something that I am so passionate for. Just want to give a special thanks to Jim and James for creating Level1Motorsports and everyone involved who has put work into making it a great racing team to be a part of and feel like a family.

Bryant Dulin lives in Marble Falls, TX and has been racing since he was 11 years old. He received his first track championship in Lubbock, Texas at the age of 19 years old. That year he received two championships in different categories at the same track with the same car. The track officials had never heard of that being accomplished before, much less, both wins being by a “rookie” driver. The track sought assistance with the South Plains Racing Association for official ruling to verify that Bryant could indeed receive Rookie Driver of the year in two separate categories, with the same car, at the same track. He indeed received both Championships that year! Other accomplishments include first place at Thunderhill in Kyle, TX, first place at Texas State mini stocks, numerous first place dirt bike placings, and 2006 IHBA National High Points Champion and World Champion Drag Boat Racer.

Bryant is excited to be involved with Level 1 Motorsports and looks forward to his racing future and working alongside James Martin. Bryant is a unique racing talent and can’t wait to show the racing world what he has to offer.